With Vorex PSA – Data Migration is Never a Hurdle

At Vorex, we are aware that data migration is an all too common business dilemma. Too many companies, recognizing the need for a more efficient, more complete way of managing their business operations, hold back for fear of complications.

For this reason we offer a number of data migration plans. With different plans set to accommodate the needs of different organizational structures, data migration into Vorex PSA can be done quickly, completely, and without any delays in productivity.

Solution One: Covering your basic migration needs<

Available at no additional cost, our basic project management migration package is designed for companies who wish to map and migrate:

  • Company departments
  • Employee information
  • Client information
  • Pipeline contacts and opportunities
  • Project titles

Every Vorex PSA account comes complete with a built-in migration feature, for quick and easy data mapping and migrating. Using this guided step-by-step process, anyone in your office can migrate your existing data with little time and effort.

Solution Two: Companies with moderate migration needs

This solution is for companies with more complicated data migration paths. For example, this project management data migration solution is more compatible for companies wishing to transfer detailed information, similar to:

  • Staffing information
  • Existing time entries
  • Associated expenses

These scenarios have their own methods and data structure, so attempting to automate the mapping process can lead to errors.

At Vorex, this typically complex and expensive process is turned into an easy one with an un-expectedly low cost($450) – Thanks to our ‘DataMove’ intelligent process that was engineered and perfected by our engineers in the Dallas, Texas offices

Solution Three: Companies with complex migration needs

This solution is typically chosen by larger corporations with large scale data migration needs, including:

  • Mapping data between different departments and different locations
  • Managing a large number of projects
  • Migrating projects with their own approval workflow and unique variable billing rates

If your company falls in this category, please contact us so we can evaluate your data migration needs and tailor a proposal to you.

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