Web Based PSA: Now the World is Your Office

The world is your office with our cloud based PSA software

What if you could increase business efficiency, eliminate IT related expenses, and ensure data security? With the Vorex web based PSA solution, this “what if” scenario can become a reality. Offering the scalability of cloud computing and the security of a state of the art data center, our web-based project management solution includes everything you need to operate and grow your business.

Put your business in the cloud with web based PSA software

  • Gain Access from Anywhere: All you need is your laptop or smartphone, and the airport, hotel or coffee shop becomes your remote office location. This means that as long as you have internet access, your projects, timesheets, expense reports and customer pipeline will never be out of reach.
  • Eliminate IT Expenses: With Vorex PSA, you will not have to pay a penny on any IT related expenses. And, you don’t have to spend time, money or valuable resources on time consuming – and sometimes frustrating software installations and server upgrades.
  • Complete Compatibility:Too many PSA software solutions are platform specific. Not only do you have to worry about whether the solution can communicate with your other project management and invoicing systems, but you have to be aware of which system your individual employee s are using – Is it a Mac? Is it a PC? Offering complete compatibility, Vorex PSA can work across varying web browsers, Operating Systems and even mobile devices.
  • Security of a State of Art Data Center: Because our web-based PSA solution centralizes all your critical information, you receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is secured within the solid framework of a state of the art data center. Staffed and monitored by onsite data-center technicians, our data center offers the surveillance and data availability resources to ensure that your critical information is always available and secure from outside security threats, lost laptops and large-scale natural disasters.

Cloud-Based PSA software makes “everywhere” your office

Whether you are at your home, the office or the coffee shop, the Vorex integrated PSA solution lets you gain access to your most essential business operations – all you need is internet access and your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Sign up for a Free Trial Today, and learn how this integrated project management solution brings complete control and visibility to your business operations.

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