PSA Software Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This

We began with a mission: “Make PSA Software easier & more intuitive”

Once we accomplished this, we stopped and asked ourselves, “How can we make it even easier?”

This promise is not just a simple marketing platform. It is the foundation from which every segment of  Vorex PSA software was engineered. From our intuitively easy-to-understand pricing model to our industry exclusive CRM platform, everything we offer is designed for immediate adoption into your existing business structure.

Bringing Simplicity to PSA Software

Bringing simplicity to the world of business automation and PSA software did not happen overnight. It is the cumulative effort of designing, refining, and testing our solutions. We brought our software to industry leaders, usability experts and – most importantly – to business users. We asked for their feedback. And with each of these new insights, we have looked for ways to enhance and simplify our solution.

In order to bring simplicity to life, our PSA software includes:

  • Redundant Themes:
    You will quickly notice that every screen, interface and theme throughout our Project Management suite has a similar look, feel and layout. This increases comfort and familiarity – even if it is your first time logging into a new module.
  • Coloring Schema:
    The colors of the screen background, functions, and titles were not just designed to be aesthetically comforting. Each color has a specific purpose, engineered to help the most critical navigation items and applications stand out.
  • Proximity and Grouping:
    he distance between fields, buttons, titles and other items works to maximize efficiency by grouping related items.
  • Onscreen Tips:
    Popup tooltips, strategically located next to fields or functions, are designed to help all users, even those logging in for the first time, navigate the system with ease
  • Plain English:
    We minimized the use of technical jargons to facilitate a common and easy to understand language




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