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Just about anyone can create a flashy design, or eye-catching interface. But what about the software, tools and infrastructure used to maintain and operate that design? If the project management solution you choose cannot support the capacity, speed and security you need to grow your expanding business, your placing your reputation in jeopardy.

At Vorex, we have taken painstaking efforts to ensure that the technology we use to support our web based project management solution is just as cutting edge as our final user interface. For this reason, we did not attempt to cut costs or take shortcuts by choosing lesser known, less reliable hardware and software providers. Instead, we have chosen some of the most trusted brands in the industry – Brands like Microsoft, Dell, Intel and Western Digital. Even if it ends up costing us a little more, we know that it will wind up saving you in the long term.

Don’t trust anything less than the best

We have taken every effort to ensure your data remains secure, up-to-date and always available – For this reason, we use only the leading technology:

  • Microsoft.Net
  • Microsoft’s SQL
  • Dell Xeon servers
  • Intel Processors
  • Western Digital Storage
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Global: 214.621.8324
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